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With her unique and effective style of relationship management founded upon transparency, open communication, and trust, Nalini has cultivated a strong network both in the U.S and abroad across a multitude of cultures. Her business acumen allows her to successfully understand, analyze, and see the “big picture” when it comes to problem solving. Her personality allows her to excel in projects both in a corporate environment and in a “main street” environment. Anyone should consider himself or herself fortunate to have her on their team as a leader or a marquee player.
— Noam Newman, Managing Director, VEP Worldwide

I asked Nalini to be on the Core Advisory Panel for my global consulting and advisory company. Her business acumen, organizational strategy skills and performance-driven method greatly impressed me. As a business leader specializing in the management consulting and advisory space, I recommend Elicit as an organization to provide you with the highest quality services you need. Additionally, as a senior adviser to other acknowledged organizations, I recognize shrewd talent and intellect when I see it, and I see it in Elicit’s design.
— Col. Arvind Saksena, serial CEO and successful entrepreneur

While working with A.J. I really had a chance to learn what attention to detail is. His keen ability to pay attention to the small things that matter and his ability to solve problems with models made A.J. a very succesful colleague. He is a pleasure to work with and was always willing to go the extra mile for the team or any of its members.
— Javier Ramirez, Enterprise Sales, Yiftee

Saurabh is an exceptional professional and visionary leader. I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with him for several years on cross-divisional and division-centric initiatives. Saurabh possesses the ideal attributes to translate business needs and operations into new solutions. He is a colleague I can trust to explore innovative approaches and follow-through on execution to acquire sustainable results. I extend one of my highest recommendations for Saurabh.
— Nick Buettner, Time Warner

What struck me immediately about Nalini were her sky-high standards she set for herself, her courage, and her charisma. Not only was she eager to embrace every challenge of every project...but she remained enthusiastic throughout...tirelessly dedicated, and committed to exceeding the expectations of her senior management. I can affirm, without reservation, that she is friendly, warm, bright, honorable, humble yet a natural leader, committed to continuous improvement, a valued asset on a team, a very creative problem-solver, and an excellent public speaker.
— Blazo Ivanovic, Senior Portfolio Manager at Westmount Asset Management

Nalini has this wonderful ability to balance having appreciation and attention to detail, while never losing sight of the big picture. She possesses strong leadership skills and has always been involved in a number of voluntary efforts that demonstrate both her inclination to help people as well as her entrepreneurial skills and creativity.

She is a selfless person and places high value on principles and integrity, both in her professional and personal life. I feel truly lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from her. She will go very far in life and will be an asset to any company or organization that she works for. I wish her the very best, always.
— Radhika Behuria, United Nations Development Programme

Running a startup business is tough, but when you lack the proper organizational and financial skills and strategy, it’s even tougher.

Nalini and her team at Elicit Consulting have done an amazing job turning my business — and life — around for the better. As my Business Strategist, Nalini helped me to understand the big picture and dive into the nitty gritty with a purpose, she helped me become more organized in my approach, and she developed a system for me to follow that has helped to multiply my income and reduce my stress level tremendously in a short amount of time.

As a Health and Fitness Coach with my own business, I appreciate the results Elicit Consulting has gotten me because I care about my health and well-being very much, as well as the financial flexibility to expand my operations and make a positive impact on more clients.

I highly recommend Nalini and her team at Elicit Consulting. Her wealth of knowledge combined with her critical thinking and sincere desire for her clients to succeed is what separates her from everyone else.

You will absolutely love working with Nalini and her team!
— Thomas Johnson Jr. (TJ) Founder and Chief Executive Officer GetUpNGetFit LLC