Case Studies




underutilized investment manager

  • Problem: Constant conflicts of personality at the workplace culminating in reduction of our client’s utilization and limits to her career progression
  • Process: We listened to our client’s challenges and studied the relational landscape with which she was contending.  We empowered our client with a communications plan involving self-reflection, appreciation of the interpersonal dynamics governing the workplace, effective articulation of needs, and navigation through conflict management.

  • Goal Achieved: Our client successfully repaired her personal brand with the centers of influence at her employer and gained access to a new set of opportunities within the company to advance her career commensurate with her skillset.

working professional spread too thin

  • Problem: Need for prioritization, stress management, and control over time and resources

  • Process: We performed an audit of our client’s current state, compared this to the desired state, and instituted measures to gradually reintroduce perspective, new measures of performance, positive returns on investment, and mindfulness.  By eliciting from our client his driving motivation and fulfillment, we helped draw alignment to his experiences. 
  • Goal Achieved: Freedom, fulfillment, and control with respect to professional life and personal self-management

Aspiring Leader

  • Problem: Unsuccessful upward mobility

  • Process: We unraveled the latent talent of our client, we studied the culture of the employing institution and its system of rewards and recognition, and then we helped our client appreciate the gap analysis. We then worked extensively with our client to help him develop the poise and gravitas to manage his personal PR within the hierarchy.  We coached him in communication, client relationship management, and self-advocacy while also providing him appropriate skill development.

  • Goal Achieved: Increased self-awareness and self-confidence, positive client experiences, improved performance reviews, and sponsorship for a promotion over the course of one year.


Mid-level Advertising Professional

  • Problem: Ineffective job seeking strategy

  • Process: We listened to our client, performed an assessment of strengths/weaknesses and behavioral style, and explored a better fit. We produced a polished, sophisticated CV, composed a powerful elevator pitch, and prepared our client for interviews and provided image consulting.
  • Goal Achieved: 3 job offers, each at 20% above current compensation.


Business School

  • Problem: Rejection from business school in the first attempt

  • Process: After carefully listening to the business school candidate’s academic and professional story, we were able to elicit important, powerful skills that the applicant possessed, but had not previously been able to identify and articulate.  We helped set a new course for the application process, producing more compelling application essays and coaching our client for admissions interviews.

  • Goal Achieved:  A modified, more effective strategy for reapplication. Currently in progress.

Fitness & Health coaching business

  • Problem: A conflict between a desire for growth and the combination of a heavy debt burden and lack of sales and financial strategy
  • Process: We performed an audit of the business, beginning with the previous 12 months’ profit and loss data, the sole proprietor’s personal income and expenses, the pricing plan for services offered, and the financial health of the business. We then revised the pricing plan, designed a budget and systems for recording and managing income and expenses, coached our client on organizing multiple bank accounts and prioritizing cash toward debt reduction and creation of an emergency fund.
  • Goal Achieved: A 250% increase of monthly income; increased customer demand mandating business growth and increasing the size of the team; a $10,000 reduction in debt over a 4-month period; and a financial management system.

Serial Tech Entrepreneur

  • Problem: Need for refined articulation to invite investment partners to engage in a prospective billion-dollar unicorn
  • Process: We listened to our client's vision and objective, and then responded with multiple iterations of review of a draft pitch book, offering perspectives on design, layout, and language to present the deal concept and to connect effectively with the target audience.

  • Goal Achieved: Completion of a polished pitch book and executive coaching toward pitch delivery.  Currently in progress.


  • Problem: Need for strategic operations consulting, communications management, and executive advisory to prepare the business for launch
  • Process: We studied the legal, financial, and technical foundation on which our client’s business was founded.  We presented our client with a robust brand management strategy, beginning with client diagramming, a study of the competitive landscape, dynamic market research via interviews of prospective users, a brand visioning workshop, brand positioning, and values and culture design. We also provided UI/UX guidance, trade show and social media marketing resources, and introductions to prospective strategic partners. Further, we conducted brain-based behavior assessments of the management team in order to facilitate team cohesion, communication, and alignment.
  • Goal Achieved: Brand communications to inform a capital raising campaign that secured $12 million from key investors; operational structure to inform an effective client experience; and executive advisory


Real Estate Developer

  • Problem: Lack of funding for the construction of an 86,000 sf luxury loft complex

  • Process: We performed project analysis, market research, financial modeling and loan sizing, managing information flow, and preparing a complete loan application package. We pitched a $15 million loan request to financial institutions and secured a lender to support the project.
  • Goal Achieved: $15 million in construction financing, strategic and executive coaching.


Bakery Business

  • Problem: Need for business consulting and executive coaching to finally accept repeated invitations from the tv show, Shark Tank, to appear as a contestant
  • Process: We conducted in-depth information extraction and organization, followed by structured executive coaching, to transform the story of the successful solo entrepreneur from that of a hobby to an investable business.

  • Goal Achieved: Ground-up business analysis, market research, competitive analysis, and assessment of financial health and financial projections. Training in communication and articulation of the business. Currently in progress.

traffic data provider

  • Problem: Need to articulate the business, its unique offering, and the opportunity for strategic partners

  • Process: We re-envisioned messaging for the business, we created written and visually appealing journey maps to demonstrate the product application to two distinct customer segments, and we designed a pitch deck to promote strategic partnerships and facilitate communication of the product and service features and benefits. Further, we offered guidance on expansion of the offering interface to gamification.

  • Goal Achieved: Refreshed, powerful communications plan with market-ready collateral, including a pitch deck, integrated infographics, and standalone textual content.


Big 3 Global Bank

  • Problem: Unsustainable costs, low employee morale, sub-par customer service

  • Process: We designed a near-sourcing program to ease cost pressures while increasing process efficiency, and we built communication and management systems to improve the employee and client experience. We facilitated the preservation and codification of institutional knowledge.

  • Goal Achieved: Increased efficiencies and risk management, improved employee engagement and customer service.

MILITARY supplier

  • Problem: Need for a publicly traded manufacturing company to raise capital to fund organic and bolt-on acquisition growth

  • Process: We studied our client’s objectives and current financial scenario.  Next, we performed financial modeling involving analysis of the company’s valuation and production of a forecast based on our client’s growth plan.  We examined a capital raising scenario that had been presented to our client and offered attractive alternative avenues with the additional benefit of strategic partnership along with the necessary capital.  Finally, we produced an investor pitch deck, replete with projections and articulation of the opportunity.

  • Goal Achieved: A financial strategy, including protection of our client’s ownership and valuation in the face of an unfavorable proposed transaction, refreshed articulation of the business as an investment opportunity, and direction toward a favorable private equity growth strategy

Prominent Department Store

  • Problem: Rapid expansion and competitive pressures adversely affecting employee engagement and legacy culture
  • Process: We partnered with HR to strategically design a customized, comprehensive, and practical program involving a sophisticated 360-degree feedback system coupled with leadership development training and an overarching corporate communications strategy.
  • Goal Achieved: A clear, methodical plan to elevate employee morale and improve the customer experience.  Customized software tools, executive coaching, and strategy consulting to implement the plan.

Mid-sized Dental Practice

  • Problem: Patient exodus, decreasing revenue

  • Process: We performed a strategy audit, examining the practice’s operations and finances, and assessed staff performance through observations and interviews.  We provided direction and clarity through one-on-one coaching and an analytical report, containing prescriptive measures for improvement using best practice benchmarks, as well as a how-to guide to execute a social media plan and to convert work processes onto a digital platform.
  • Goal Achieved: A concrete, measurable plan to acquire new patients and increase revenue.  Currently in progress.

Elicit Consulting values client confidentiality.  Names of certain clients have been withheld to honor their business needs for non-disclosure.

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Running a startup business is tough, but when you lack the proper organizational and financial skills and strategy, it’s even tougher.

Nalini and her team at Elicit Consulting have done an amazing job turning my business — and life — around for the better. As my Business Strategist, Nalini helped me to understand the big picture and dive into the nitty gritty with a purpose, she helped me become more organized in my approach, and she developed a system for me to follow that has helped to multiply my income and reduce my stress level tremendously in a short amount of time.

As a Health and Fitness Coach with my own business, I appreciate the results Elicit Consulting has gotten me because I care about my health and well-being very much, as well as the financial flexibility to expand my operations and make a positive impact on more clients.

I highly recommend Nalini and her team at Elicit Consulting. Her wealth of knowledge combined with her critical thinking and sincere desire for her clients to succeed is what separates her from everyone else.

You will absolutely love working with Nalini and her team!
— Thomas Johnson Jr. (TJ) Founder and Chief Executive Officer GetUpNGetFit LLC