Winning Pitch Decks that Raise Capital


We create winning pitch decks that successfully raise capital for real estate developers from investors, banks, and municipalities.


Our know-how of Wall Street financial and business management, particularly with respect to the approval process for loans and investments, along with evidence-based communication techniques and expert graphic designing drive your capital raise campaign.  Further, we draw from our track record of successfully funded real estate development projects, from land acquisition to construction to renovation to refinancing through transition. Our expertise shines in every aspect of our offering:

  • Deep dive into your development project

  • Listen to your needs and ambitions

  • Study the marketplace and competitive landscape

  • Understand the business model and advise on improvements

  • Design a strategic business plan for success and sustainability

  • Perform financial modeling, including projections and guidance on underwriting

  • Articulate with clarity and precision the opportunity for the investing audience

  • Design a beautiful, compelling, and top-notch presentation pitch deck

  • Prepare talking points and Q&A to anticipate questions and concerns

  • Coach you in delivering your pitch


Your development project needs capital and we have the expertise to help you secure it. 

  • We study your development plan, we understand the various income streams, the land and lot, the rent per square foot or RevPAR based on your type of project, the related operating expenses (both fixed and variable), the management fees and many more critical features to building a case for financing your project, often those included in appraisals and market research. 

  • We conduct an analysis to determine how much debt the property can sustain and what kind of debt service coverage ratio the property can sustain within the risk appetite of the particular lenders interested in it. 

  • We help you arrive at a target debt to equity ratio and then to help determine the case for investors to contribute to the equity involved in the development project.

We apply a disciplined approach informed by experience, diligence, and care to intelligently, creatively, and professionally position your business and financial case for new funds.


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