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An Integrated Strategy, Development, and Advisory Partner.

Whom We Work With



Business Design
Talent Optimization
Financial Strategy

Elicit™’s analytical, strategic, and communications advisory and consulting help you articulate your business' value proposition powerfully to gain support from key stakeholders and efficiently manage your path to success.



Talent Optimization
Financial Strategy

Elicit™’s laser-focused one-on-one coaching taps into your strengths and unlocks your potential, empowering you to have greater influence in your professional life and/or personal finances.



Business Design
Talent Optimization

Elicit™’s customized consulting programs elevate your business to new heights by problem-solving key challenges and preparing your employees for new responsibilities and better results.



Whether you’re a startup or an established venture, a fitness coach, handbag designer, or coffee manufacturer, we can help. We at Elicit™ understand how much you value your concept and your business. We appreciate how much you believe in it and how much you have riding in its success. Let us partner with you to transform hard work into smart work and maximize your business' potential.

Our work with you will be as detailed as needed, and we can help you manage yourself as a business and as a leader. For example, we may help you set three objectives, and follow up on them through individualized, comprehensive progress reports. We will meet with you in both coaching and workshop sessions, with coaching being more didactic and workshop sessions focusing on what’s happening for your business at the moment. Our reports include key accomplishments, as well as things to work on for the next month and considerations, issues, and risks.

We offer three packages for entrepreneurs, all available in 12 month, 6 month, and 3 month bundles. Visit our shop to view specific packages and to schedule a complimentary consultation.


Accelerate your career and heighten your trajectory with support, guidance, and development from Elicit™'s experts. Elicit™’s retainer services elevate you to new heights.

Select from our suite of services to select specific skills to develop:

• Public Speaking / Presentation Training
• Leadership Development
• Career Management
• Communications Training
• Image Consulting
• Customer Service Training

• Management Training
• Interview Preparation
• Resume Review
• LinkedIn Design
• Cover Letter Editing

Our programs involve face-to-face* delivery of executive coaching punctuated by tailored homework and exercises to guide your specific development.

To read more about our specific packages, visit our shop. Initial complimentary consultations upon request.


We work with organizations of all types and sizes, including small businesses, family-run businesses, and corporate clients, using a variety of techniques and options: The Evolved Workplace by Elicit™, Discrete Deliverables, Neuroassessments, and Coaching.

The Evolved Workplace by Elicit™ is a customizable, evidence-based system of learning and development that strengthens a culture to actualize the corporate vision. The six common components of a successful company culture, no matter the size, are as follows: vision, values, practices, people, narrative, and place. At Elicit™, we believe that culture is strengthened with an emphasis on leadership’s articulation and example of critical initiatives; the establishment of a code of conduct for all employees based on a spirit of a commitment and trust along with incentive alignment, accountability, and frequent recognition; training and positive reinforcement of effective communication patterns; active and consistent encouragement to both receive and deliver feedback across all levels of the hierarchy; systemic embracing of diversity; cooperation, team-orientation, and fair access to opportunity; promotion of engagement and loyalty; provision of opportunities for growth and development; and curation of a thriving working environment. Whatever the specific areas we are charged to address, our approach begins with a thoughtful study and respect of the history, culture, and practices of our client organization. Next, we proceed with an examination of the needs of the organization’s competitive landscape. Then we present strategic recommendations for approval to the organization’s HR lead for the engagement. Finally, we effectively execute the plan.

Discrete deliverables are priced based on several criteria: our strategic audit (the depth of which is up to the client), the size and desires of the client, and the client's timeline. Based on the time and resource investment from the client, we mutually figure out how much time with the Elicit™ team they will need.

*Not in the NYC Metro area? We offer secure videoconferencing options.

While working with A.J. I really had a chance to learn what attention to detail is. His keen ability to pay attention to the small things that matter and his ability to solve problems with models made A.J. a very successful colleague. He is a pleasure to work with and was always willing to go the extra mile for the team or any of its members.
— Javier Ramirez, Enterprise Sales, Yiftee