Jason Kingston
Senior Advisor

Jason Kingston is an expert in diagnosing the issues that impede the realization of potential and the achievement of top performance. He excels at building relationships based on skilled listening, trust, and transparency. Applying his two and half decades of experience in business, he provides strategic vision and plan of action for his clients. As a persuasive speaker and a respected guide, he encourages his clients through obstacles and toward their goals.

Jason’s corporate experience is as broad as it is deep. Jason is an accomplished business developer, having raised millions $US through successful pitches to private, non-for-profit, and municipal organizations. As a seasoned negotiator and organizational strategy consultant, Jason has helped many organizations, including major

corporations and government entities, increase efficiency and improve their overall performance. Jason has designed multiple analytical systems and audit frameworks to measure how well organizations are achieving their desired outcomes, as well as how effectively they are using their key resources, namely the use of time, staff, and money. He has used the results of these analyses to identify critical areas for improvement and to make valuable recommendations for change.

He has helped governors, state legislators, corporate executives, and others to maximize the use of resources and to improve their operational performance.

Jason earned his Bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and his Master’s degree from Harvard University.