Welcome to Elicit™

We are an innovative company with a unique approach to performance enhancement.  We employ evidence-based research of neuroscience and management science with the study of actual case illustrations to deliver an integrated service of executive coaching and strategy consulting.  

Our approach is grounded in a strategically systematic methodology informed by an interest in listening to and partnering with our clients to help them efficiently grow to achieve their objectives.  

What further sets us apart is the client experience we offer, making the journey -- despite the hard work that it entails -- as sweet as the final reward thanks to our personable, charismatic, and insightful team.  We are invested in each client's success and are eager to effect lasting, transformative impact with each client.  


We would be delighted to hear from you and to explore a customized
program design to suit your needs.  Thank you for visiting our site.


The Elicit™ Formula

The Elicit™ Offering

Laser-focused one-on-one coaching taps into your strengths and unlocks your potential, empowering you to have greater influence in your professional life.

Analytical, strategic, and communications coaching and consulting help you articulate your business' value proposition powerfully to gain support from key stakeholders and efficiently manage your path to success.

Customized consulting programs elevate your business to new heights by problem-solving key challenges and preparing your employees for new responsibilities and better results.

As a business leader specializing in the management consulting and advisory space, I recommend Elicit™ as an organization to provide you with the highest quality services you need. Additionally, as a senior advisor to other acknowledged organizations, I recognize shrewd talent and intellect when I see it, and I see it in Elicit™’s design.
— Retired Military Colonel, Serial CEO