GoRuck Challenge for the Wounded Warrior Project and Smile Train

Dear Friends,

With your help last year, I raised close to $4,000 for wounded veterans by participating in the 12-hour physically and mentally rigorous GoRuck Challenge in NYC. I was inspired to take part in this challenge by the tremendous sacrifices made by our service men and women. I felt that it was one small way in which I could honor their sacrifices and give back.

The outpouring of support I received for this cause was tremendously humbling. I never thought I would raise such a substantial amount and I wasn't confident I would last the full 12 hours, but your generosity and support propelled me to finish that GoRuck Challenge.

As I completed the 12th hour of the challenge, unable to physically move anymore, I told myself that despite feeling so high emotionally I could never do this again.

However, here I am, almost a year removed from that experience, and something tells me that I need to raise the stakes and reach for a higher goal. So, I am writing to you to share how I hope to do that. This year, I have decided to raise money for not just one, but two causes: the Wounded Warrior Project and Smile Train.

As you are aware, the Wounded Warrior Project (www.woundedwarriorproject.org) helps our veterans transition back to civilian life. I have seen their efforts personally and their mission is one that I very strongly believe in.

Smile Train (www.smiletrain.org) is a charity that helps underprivileged children receive free corrective surgery for cleft palates. Needless to say, this is another great cause that we can all get behind.

Raising the bar this year doesn't just stop there. I enlisted the support of a corporate sponsor, Elicit™ Consulting (www.elicit.consulting) in doing an even more intense GoRuck Heavy Challenge: a full 24 hours. The premise is for me to undertake this physical and mental challenge for a non-stop period of 24 hours starting at 5:00pm on Thursday, September 10th through at least 5:00pm on Friday, September 11th. In case it wasn't obvious, the date is significant here.

Finally, this year, my hope is to double the donations collected last year and hit a total of $8,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project and Smile Train. I am writing to invite you not only to support me, but moreover to support two incredible causes. Of course, I will appreciate encouragement in any form as I train and participate.

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Thank you for hearing about my journey. I hope it speaks to you!

Saurabh Mehta

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